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BCS-11 Solved Assignment 2023-24

BCS-11 Solved Assignment 2023-24

Course Code BCS-11
Course Title Computer Basics and PC Software
Assignment Number BCA (I)/011/Assignment/2023-24
Maximum Marks 100
Last Dates for Submission 31 st October, 2023 (For July Session)

30 th April, 2024 (For January Session

Note: This assignment has three questions of 80 marks. Answer all the questions. Rest 20 marks are for viva voce. You may use illustrations and diagrams to enhance explanations. Please go through the guidelines regarding assignments given in the Programme Guide for the format of presentation. Please give precise answers. The word limit for each part is 200 words.

Q1. (Covers Block 1) 

a) A computer program consists of instructions and data on which the instruction operates. How are these instructions of a program executedby a computer? Where are these instructions and data stored during execution? What is the role played by Input/output devices?

b) Computer systems always have small RAM, yet it mostly has a large secondary memory like hard disk? Why? The access time of a hard disk is much larger than RAM, even than RAM is smaller in size than hard disk. Justify. Also, mention various types of RAM.

c) Convert the following numbers as directed
(i) 264.015(10) into binary and hexadecimal
(ii) 345611(10) into octal and binary
(iii) String “DATA STRUCTURES marks 50” to ASCII and Unicode string
(iv) 8D614E(16) to decimal and binary

d) How can you calculate the capacity of a Winchester disk given its density and speed? A disk has 10 recording surfaces. Each surface has 2000 tracks, each track has 512 sectors and each sector can store 1MB of data. Calculate the capacity of this disk.

e) Compare and contrast the following technologies:
(i) Parallel Port versus Serial Port
(ii) Light Pen versus Touch Screen
(iii) LED Monitors versus Projection Displays
(iv) Laser printers versus Inkjet printers

f) Explain the characteristics/functions of the following I/O devices:
(i) Flash Drive
(ii) Graphics Tablet
(iii) PenDrive
(iv) External Hard Disk

g) Explain the uses of following Software/Utilities:

(i) TALLY software

(ii) Defender in WINDOWS-11
(iii) Disk Fragmenter
(iv) Database software


Q2. (Covers Block 2) 

a) What is client/server architecture? What are its advantages and disadvantages? Is cloud computing also a client/server architecture? Justify your answer.

b) Explain the features and uses of the following computer software:
(i) Debugger
(ii) Linkers
(iii) Editor
(iv) Spreadsheet software

c) What is the kernel of an operating system of a Computer? Explain the terms multiuser, multiprogramming and multitasking in the context of an operating system.

d) Differentiate between the following:
(i) GUI versus Voice Input
(ii) File Management system versus Input/Output control system inthe context of an Operating system
(iii) A process versus a program
(iv) LINUX versus WINDOWS

e) Draw a flow chart and write an algorithm to find the sum of n numbers given as input. (You must use looping construct).

f) Define the following terms in the context of programming with thehelp of an example for each:
(i) Loop- statement
(ii) N-dimensional Arrays
(iii) Logical operators
(iv) Relational Operators

g) Explain the following with the help of an example/diagram, if needed:
(i) Proprietary software
(ii) Scheduling in the context of project management software
(iii) Mailmerge in MS-Word
(iv) Creating tables using a DBMS.

Q3. (Covers Block 3) 

(a) Explain the following terms in the context of computer networks:
(i) Packet switching
(ii) Half Duplex transmission
(iii) Need of computer networks
(iv) Channel of data transmission.

(b) A Multinational company has its sales offices in 100 different countries of the World. It uses a computer network to collect world- wise sale and order data at its head office. What kind of network the company should make for its sales offices and head office? Justifyyour answer.

(c) What is TCP/IP? What is an IP address? Explain various components of IP address with the help of an example.

(d) What is a browser? How does a browser work? How does it communicate with the web server? Explain with the help of an example.

(e) How can you enhance your search results from Internet? Explain with the help of examples. List four applications of the Internet.

(f) Explain the following in the context of Internet and its applications,giving their features and uses:
(i) Search Engine
(ii) Micorsoft Edge

BCS-11 Solved Assignment 2023-24

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