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General Knowledge

Jun 1, 2022

General Knowledge

General Knowledge

As we all know that General Awareness (GA) or General Knowledge (GK) plays an important role in all competitive exams and government recruitment examinations such as SSC, UPSC, FCI, RRB, Railways, Bank PO/Clerk, and so forth.

Now a days everyone wants to secure their life and this can be done by clearing such competive or govt. recruitment exams and the fact is without knowing the GA or GK it is not possible to crack such exams.

General Knowledge (India GK)

States and Capitals of India List of Official Languages of Indian States and Union Territories
Union Territories and Capitals of India List of National Highways in India
Cities and Rivers of India List of State Highways in India
List of Dams in India List of National Peaks in India
List of High Courts in India List of Thermal Power Plant in India
List of UNESCO World Heritage Sites in India List of National Parks in India
Folk Dances in India List of National Parties in India
List of State Animals in India List of National Symbols of India
List of State Flowers in India List of Universities in India
List of Indian State Birds National Emblem of India

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