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IGNOU MCS-015 Solved Assignment 2022-2023

IGNOU MCS-015 Solved Assignment 2022-2023

Course Code MCS-015
Course Title Communication Skills
Assignment Number BCA(2)/015/Assignment/2022-23
Maximum Marks 100
Weightage 25%
Last date of submission 31st October, 2022 (For July Session)
15th April, 2023 (For January Session)

Note: This assignment has eight questions. Answer all questions. Assignment is for 100 marks. You may use illustrations and diagrams to enhance the explanations. Please go through the guidelines regarding assignments given in the Programme Guide for the format of presentation.

Q1. Read the following passage carefully.
Psychoanalysts treat their patients by delving into their past – often their early years of childhood – in an attempt to help them understand present feelings and behaviour. Consultants try to understand their clients’ history and track record in an attempt to identify the roots of failure or the seeds of success.

In some respects, consultants have an easier job; they can look over past balance sheets and profit and loss statements in order to analyse the management of assets, profitability and cost control. They can follow the company’s history through from its initial successes with perhaps a single product to its present-day range of products or services. They can study the organizational structure of the company, marketing and personnel policies, even the physical layout of offices and factory.

However, putting their finger on why one company fails and another succeeds is not always so easy. Companies look outside for this advice because they cannot find the answers themselves. They hope that the consultant will be able to draw on his or her wider experience – perhaps recognize a symptom that he has previously encountered. Then perhaps he or she will be able to diagnose their ills, prescribe a course of treatment for recovery and recommend a new life-style to ensure future health and prosperity.

Now answer the following questions:
i. Why do Psychoanalysts and consultants need to delve into the past of their patients and clients? (3)
ii. Why do you think a consultant’s job is easier than a Psychoanalyst? (2)
iii. Companies evidently want help from consultants from time to time. Why? Discuss. (2)
iv. Taking the passage as the basis, write in about 100 words.
“The role of a consultant in a company”. (4)
v. Give an appropriate title to the passage.

Q2. (a) Match the following words from the text in column A with their meanings in column B:(8)

i) To delve a) Bring back to original form
ii) Track record  b) Configuration
iii) Roots  c) History of achievements
iv) Seeds  d) Come across
v) Layout  e) Origins, causes
vi) To put your finger on  f) Origins, beginnings
vii) To restore  g) Dig, try to uncover
viii) Encounter  h) Use, refer to
  i) Identify precisely

(b) As we saw in the passage, it is possible to draw parallels between business and human health. Match the common medical terms with their business equivalents. (5)

i) Symptom  a) Malaise
ii) Diagnose  b) Turn-around
iii) Medical history  c) Track record
iv) Course of treatment  d) Policy/strategy
v) Recovery  e) Identify/conclude
f) Sign/indicator

Q3. You have arranged to meet your colleague Priyanshu for coffee in the evening. However, you have just heard an urgent message that you must leave for Kolkatta immediately. Telephone Priyanshu and, (15)
 tell him you won’t be able to meet him
 tell him about the urgent business
 fix another tentative date
The answer must be in the form of dialogues.

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Q4. You require 2,000 Slate Airdopes 141 items. Since it is a fast moving item, you are ready to buy boxes for six months at once, provided you get a large enough discount. Write a letter to your distributor negotiating a deal. Make use of the negotiation techniques we discussed in the unit. (15)

Q5. Fill in the blanks with the correct form of the verbs in brackets: (10)
i. The consultant _____________ (never work) in London before she got this contract.
ii. She recently _____________ (decide) to move to London.
iii. She ______________ (drive) to London when the storm began.
iv. While the manager _____________ (talk) to the consultant, the employees _____________ (pack) the prints ready for dispatch.
v. Is that what those men __________ (work) on when I __________(come) in?
vi. Unless we invest in our staff, they _____________(not stay) with the company.
vii. After the initial launch, we ___________ (plan) to extend it to the rest of the country.
viii.We would be doing much better if we ______________ (not waste) so much money last year.

Q6. Complete the following phrasal verb in the sentences by inserting an appropriate adverb. (10)
i. I can’t get to Munich this week, so I’m going to put ______________ my visit till next week.
ii. Despite our efforts, the negotiations have broken _____________ again.
iii. I’m very relieved that the workers have called the strike _______________.
iv. Before you leave, make sure that you shut___________ the computer system.
v. I look _____________ to seeing you in the near future.
vi. To get through security, you’ll have to fill ________________ a form.
vii. I’m afraid I didn’t understand that point. Could we come __________ to it afterwards?
viii.We’ve decided to increase our offer; we’ve put it ___________ by $ 30,000.
ix. Let’s throw this idea _________ and see if it has any potential.
x. He ran _____________ an enormous telephone bill.

Q7. Prepare Power Point Presentations (atleast 15 slides each) on the following.
i. Artificial Intelligence (10)
ii. 3D Printers and Their Applications (10)

Q8. Mark the stress in the following words: (5)
i. Delve
ii. Psychoanalysts
iii. Consultant
iv. Assess
v. Organization
vi. Identify
vii. Profitability
ix. Experience
x. Personnel


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MCS-015 Assignment for July 2022-January 2023


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