Sat. May 18th, 2024

Online Tuition for BCS-012/MCS-013

Looking for an online math tutor for you/your child/wife?

I am Prasanta Naskar, mathematics teacher having 15 years of experience. Teaching is my passion and the joy it gives is amazing. My strength is the simple ways of my teaching. I take step by step approach which helps the students in understanding the topic easily and helps in eliminating errors.

I work on a Google Meet  where you can share your files and folders, chat, talk and even see. All your sessions can recorded that you can see any time to revise. Here you will find friendly, patient, encouraging, expert help. Every student is unique. Thus, I believe tutoring must cater to each individual student in order to reach him or her most effectively. Lessons are fairly relaxed and informal while always focusing on a complete understanding of the topic rather than robotic memorizing techniques.

Tuition Fees : Rs.400/month [for one subject (code: BCS-012 or MCS-013)]

Number of Class : 2 classes/week

Time : 1.5 hours/class


Lecture (in Hindi)

Writing (in English)

Note : To enroll your name for online math (subject code : BCS-012 and MCS-013) tuition classes, you have to make an advance payment of Rs.400. For more, can whatsapp me at 7980608289.


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